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70 glorious years of Eddy Merckx and Jacky Ickx


Eddy Merckx and Jacky Ickx – two Belgian sporting legends. They are both turning 70 this year so it is a good reason to celebrate them with a joint exhibition. Not just to pay tribute to their glorious victories but to please all the sport fans.


Eddy Merckx is the most successful cyclist of all time, counting 525 victories. He won the Tour de France (5x), the Giro d’Italia (5x), the Vuelta a Espana (1x) and the World Championship (3x) just to mention his biggest victories.


Jacky Ickx has an exceptional career in motorsport. His list of achievements is unrivalled in its variety, ranging from the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans through Formula One to Dakar Rally.


The Merckx-Ickx exhibition is well designed. It is seamlessly combining the nostalgia of the 40 or 50 years old memorabilia with modern technology. The main hall is bright and spacious which comes handy if you would like to take pictures of the numerous race cars or bikes used by the two heroes.

Merckx-Ickx-Expo timeline

For the ultimate fan experience it is recommended to take the self-guided tour. A timeline leads the visitors through the entire career of the two superstars: from the early ages to the retirement from competitive sport. All the important milestones and heroic moments are well documented with information boards, unique pictures and never-before-seen personal belongings. And if you get a little bit tired at the end you can relax in the mini-cinemas where films of Eddy Merckx and Jacky Ickx are shown.


The best parts of the exhibition are the interactive demo rooms: the retro café where you can relive the excitement of the cycling fans of the seventies waiting for the peloton to arrive in town, the bike track where you can test your speed against the virtual Eddy Merckx racing for the hour world record, or the pit stop where you can take a picture of yourself as an old school automotive mechanic. Some amazing facts are also revealed during these fun games. Did you know how much air Eddy Merckx breathed in per minute when he broke the hour world record, or what is the maximum speed of Jacky Ickx’s fastest race car?


If you want to know the answers you have to visit the Merckx-Ickx Expo. The exhibition is easily accessible, located next to the Atomium, one of Brussels’ symbols and favourite tourist attractions. The entertainment is guaranteed for all ages. On top of that I am sure that even the biggest fans of Eddy Merckx or Jacky Ickx will learn something new about their heroes that they did not know before.


For more pictures check out our photo gallery.

For more information and opening hours check out the official website of the exhibition.

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